A true gem!

I have always had a tendency to hoard, I can’t even bear to throw pieces of paper away at times, I also am a bit of an introvert recluse but after moving into a house on my own and both physically and mentally could not sort out or think to organise my own home, having perfectionistic traits it was making me more unwell by the day.

I decided I ‘needed help’!

After a brief internet search I came across Sue’s website, after looking at a few others which I dismissed for a variety of reasons I emailed her feeling very anxious that I would have to face a stranger coming in my home. Sue responded very quickly asking me to phone her to discuss my needs and her terms.

Despite feeling like I couldn’t go ahead I plucked up the courage and called her the following day.

Immediately I felt at ease, I discussed my needs and problems I had with achieving my goals, Sue recognised and understood me!

We arranged our first visit and all I can say is…. Sue is the most lovely lady who knows how and what to do… she is very professional, reliable, and extremely trustworthy, do not hesitate to contact Sue, highly recommend anyone to utilise her service! A true gem!

Thank you Sue

H, Staffordshire

Leap of faith

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support and professionalism over a period of 5 weeks getting my home back in order.

It’s never easy to ask for help, but from our first contact by phone you made me feel at ease, which lead me to take that leap of faith towards taking back control by decluttering and re-organising my home/life. You visited my home and saw it at its worst, by the 5th week you left seeing it at its best. You never judged, you asked questions, you listened and over the weeks we worked together you gave me the support I needed to turn it around.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Alexandra, Staffordshire

WE achieved it!

Couldn’t be doing it without you – it’s a WE achieved it! Thank you for all your encouragement and affirmation as well as all the practical help.

A fabulous job

You’ve done a fabulous job so far Sue and it has really enhanced my life and I look forward to us doing more

So valuable

Mum was so happy and amazed with all the work you did last week.  Thank you for all the hard work!  She is enjoying what you are doing and that is important as it means she will keep going.  And with your help she should finally get there!  I know she finds your visits and help so valuable, thank you

We live like humans now!

Without your help I couldn’t be here, with less pain and little bit happier.  With you around me I was functioning as a machine, without I was avoiding the mess…. In my situation you were the right person at the right time.  We live like humans now