Moving and Downsizing

Prepare your home for sale, and make the move an easy process!


There’s no doubt about it, moving or downsizing consists of more than simply selling, packing and moving – it’s a big task!

Preparing your property for sale, being ready for viewing 24 hours a day and having an endless stream of strangers wander through your home is not very appealing, but experience has shown me that being organised can take the pain out of selling.

I can support you through the various stages of a house move, and hopefully, you’ll be able to focus more on the excitement instead of the stress.


By correctly decluttering and staging your home for the sales market you’ll increase the possibility of a quick offer – I can help you with this.

Sorting and packing

Moving house is the ideal opportunity to have a declutter.  Every item needs packing, so why not decide what you are going to keep or let go of before you move? Alongside methodical, efficient packing it will make life much easier the other end and potentially save you money on removal costs.

Moving arrangements

Let me help to take the strain and deal with the removal, transport and other logistics associated with moving day.

Moving day

As your belongings are unloading, I can assist with the initial unpacking of your pre-sorted belongings and organise space in your new home.  Post-move unpacking assistance is also available.

Top Tip from Sue

“If you don’t need it and you don’t love it, don’t take it with you”