Do I need the help of a Professional Organiser?

Of course, you could work on restoring order by yourself, but scheduling a date for a Professional Organiser to come in and help you will make the task a lot easier, faster and more efficient and the job will get done.

What if I feel embarrassed about you seeing my home?

I appreciate how hard it is for you to pick up the telephone and make that initial call but rest assured that I want to help you, not judge you.  I am a decluttering and organising specialist, and I take pride in my work and respect my clients.  I honestly feel privileged to be welcomed into my client’s homes, and I love helping them.

How do I know you are trustworthy?

I am an accredited member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and have signed APDO’s code of ethics.  I am duty-bound to adhere to its code of conduct.  I am also DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) cleared.

Is your service confidential?

Absolutely!  Anything that I see or hear when I am working with you will never be divulged to a third party.  I don’t wear a uniform with logos, and neither does my car have any logos.  Occasionally I might like to take before and after photos, but I would ask you to sign a photo consent form beforehand, and it is entirely at your discretion.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have full indemnity insurance to the sum of £1million.

How long does it take to declutter and organise?

Decluttering and organising can be physically and emotionally tiring, so I recommend that sessions are booked for 4 – 5 hours duration.  The time it takes to complete your project will very much depend on the scale of the task at hand, how ready you are to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go and your energy levels.  You will be amazed what we can achieve together, even in a short session.

Will I be forced to get rid of all my things?

No.  I will advise and recommend solutions, but I will not make you get rid of anything you don’t want to.  My aim is to simplify your life by decluttering and organising your possessions and setting up systems that will work for you, your lifestyle and will be easy to maintain.

How will you dispose of my unwanted items?

Wherever possible I aim to re-use, recycle or rehome any unwanted possessions, using charity shops or your local recycling centre etc.  I am happy to drop donations off at a charity shop for you.  You can choose a charity of your choice or I will choose one that is nearest.  Due to Waste Carrier Legislation, I am unable to take waste to the tip for you.

Should I buy new storage?

It is not necessary to buy any new storage until we have cleared any clutter and know what items are left.  It’s quite likely that you already have plenty of storage in your home that we can work with but if additional storage is needed, I can help with suggestions and if necessary purchase storage for you, within your own budget.

Do you clean?

I am happy to wipe down storage surfaces to assist with the decluttering and organising process, but I don’t offer a full cleaning service.

What other services do you offer?

Anything that you don’t have time for I can step in and organise, for example keeping your administration in good order, picking up and dropping off post, arranging car tax, drop off and collection of your laundry, arranging for gifts and cards to be bought, wrapped and posted, and much more.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you require a service that is not listed.